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Valorem Resources Inc. (ISIN CA92026P1018): BaFin Urges Caution With Buy Recommendations For Shares

According to information available to BaFin, buy recommendations for shares in Valorem Resources Inc. (ISIN CA92026P1018) are currently being made on a large scale in the form of market letters and e-mails.

BaFin advises all investors to very carefully check the information given in the buy recommendations by consulting other sources, especially if the buy recommendations are made in a very aggressive way and investors are signalled the prospect of extremely high profits and/or are put under pressure to make a quick decision.

Often, the sole purpose of such market letters and e-mails is to induce investors to buy certain shares so that the senders of the recommendations can profit from the share price increases.

In Germany, the company’s shares are traded in the Open Market (Freiverkehr) segments of the Berlin, Frankfurt, Munic, Stuttgart and Tradegate stock exchanges.

Investors can find information about how to protect themselves against dubious buy recommendations in a brochure published by BaFin (only available in German).

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