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SberCloud’s Cloud Platform Sweeps Three International Accolades At IT World Awards

AI Cloud, the cloud platform of Sberbank ecosystem’s SberCloud, has won awards in three categories at the 15th international IT World Awards.

Featuring executives, professionals, and experts from the world’s top IT companies, the judging panel for the award recognized AI Cloud as the gold winner in the New Product-Service of the Year | Artificial Intelligence category, the silver winner in the Data Science Platforms category, and the bronze winner in the Hot Technology of the Year | Artificial Intelligence category.

The award was organized by Network Products Guide, industry’s leading technology research and advisory guide from Silicon Valley, California, U.S., which shares insights with top executives of the world’s leading IT companies into the best IT products, solutions, and services.

David Rafalovsky, CTO of Sberbank Group, Executive Vice President, Head of Technology,

“We are proud that the unique IT project of Sberbank and SberCloud has gained international recognition from a qualified jury. AI Cloud and the Christofari were designed for convenient and reliable use of artificial intelligence technology by a wide variety of entities and organizations, from startups and small businesses to large companies and research centers. Many of our partners and companies that are Sberbank ecosystem members already use AI Cloud and the Christofari to develop proprietary products and services.”

The universal cloud platform AI Cloud has the computing power of the Christofari supercomputer at its core and allows for the use of artificial intelligence (AI) across a raft of business, industry, science, and education domains. AI Cloud users can work with data, create AI models, train neural networks, and tailor microservices from the latter to get things done in the cloud through a single interface as fast as possible.

Sberbank already uses AI algorithms to recognize and understand human speech while also utilizing them in voice assistants, voice interfaces, behavioral analytics, and other workflow situations.

The architecture and computing power of Russia’s fastest supercomputer Christofari, which was specially made in partnership with NVIDIA to work with AI, let stakeholders train program models based on complex neural networks in record time. Thanks to AI Cloud, the Christofari can be accessed from anywhere in the world where you can get an Internet connection. Its capacity, architecture, and affordability make it a unique supercomputer on a global scale.

SberCloud is a cloud platform developed by Sberbank Group to provide services through the IT architecture of the largest bank in Russia, CIS, and Eastern Europe. The infrastructure, IT platforms, and SberCloud services are the pillars of Sberbank Group’s digital ecosystem, also being available to external customers, such as companies and governmental organizations.

The Christofari supercomputer is the fastest supercomputer in Russia. Designed by Sberbank and SberCloud together with NVIDIA, it is based on NVIDIA DGX-2 high performance nodes featuring Tesla V100 computing accelerators. According to the LINPACK benchmarks, the supercomputer’s Rmax value reached 6.7 PFLOPs, measuring a peak of 8.8 PFLOPs.

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