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Tokenise Stock Exchange To Kick Off A New Era Of Digital Securities

Tokenise Stock Exchange has launched its new website for investors to register for trading on their upcoming platform dedicated to digital securities. The new site will offer registered users access to high quality investment opportunities while providing companies with an innovative, accelerated and cost-effective way of fundraising.

More information can be found at

Tokenise Stock Exchange is licensed in Barbados as one of the first international stock exchanges fully dedicated to digital securities and is part of Tokenise International with headquarters in London, UK. The exchange aims to lead the way for the next generation of capital markets and to establish a new benchmark for digital assets by utilising blockchain technology.

To deliver an efficient and liquid primary and secondary marketplace, the exchange will offer a full service suite for the issuing and listing of digital securities through their global network of regulated Corporate Advisers (Listing Sponsors) and licensed brokers. Companies           will be able to raise funding using various asset types from digital stocks and bonds to novel innovative products such as fractional ownership and royalties.

“Tokenisation of securities and other real-world assets will transform the accessibility and efficiency of capital markets. Removing inefficiencies, friction and barriers to participation will democratise the process of matching providers and consumers of risk capital. This, in turn, will increase the flow of funds and investment opportunities for market participants.” Martin Graham (Chairman)

Tokenise Stock Exchange focuses on merging the highest standards of compliance and regulation with cutting edge technology solutions to deliver the benefits of tokenisation to investors and issuers on their platform. Investors can expect a platform that will deliver an intuitive and transparent experience to take advantage of opportunities in the new digital financial age.

Join the community now and when whitelisting opens you will be notified to complete your registration and become a verified investor on the platform.

Companies that wish to be listed on the Tokenise Stock Exchange are encouraged to reach out to our network of approved Corporate Advisers listed on the Tokenise Stock Exchange website

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