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OTAS Technologies Introduces New Features With OTAS Lingo

The OTAS platform, from OTAS Technologies, is evolving with regular upgrades to functionality designed to assist traders and portfolio managers in day-to-day workflow. Pop up screens such as Lingo and Core Summary can be included in the users own internal software, or through third party platforms that are used every day.

OTAS Lingo creates automated, natural language reports, which provide users with up-to-date analysis of all the standout and unusual activity in stocks that are important. Lingo will enhance daily market reports, inform risk management decisions and keep users up-to-date with the latest developments in markets and portfolios, at their desk or on the move.


Access Lingo from the OTAS Launcher and type the watchlist or sector that you want to see into the search box, or choose an index from the extensive list. In the example below, OTAS has chosen to generate a report on European pharma stocks.


Lingo immediately generates a report on the sector, detailing calendar events taking place today and highlighting the most significant changes in price performance, short interest, credit, valuation, yield and technicals, as well as any meaningful, recent director (insider) dealing. The text is easy to read, free-flowing and succinct and is all machine generated so users know that the most significant changes are being highlighted, without the emotion and bias of human reporting. For example, here is the comment on overnight moves in short interest.


The copy button in the top right hand corner makes Lingo reports easy to share, incorporate into reports, or save for future reference.

Lingo enables users to save time, improve efficiency and increase understanding of the factors that determine share prices.

Core Summary

Core Summary is accessed through the Components button on the OTAS Launcher. Type a stock into the Launcher search box, or select one from your TradeShaper Order Pad. IAG has reported results this morning (Friday 27th February) and should see an active day's trading. Typing the stock into OTAS Launcher brings up the Microstructure that enables users to see the detail of today's trading and the Core Summary that provides a quick view of the key positioning in the stock, which may influence today's activity.


Behind each stamp is one, straightforward chart showing what has been happening in that OTAS factor and a text explanation from Lingo. In IAG's case, there is a stock that has underperformed the sector over the past week as the price reached a resistance level ahead of numbers. Over the past month the Divergence stamp shows that the price has risen along with EPS Momentum, while CDS has fallen, which is expected to be supportive of the share price. The rise in short interest over four weeks is divergent from the share price trend, but the Short Interest stamp shows that the level has retreated 14% in the week before the earnings release. Operating profit is slightly ahead of expectations and the stock is up almost 5% at pixel time.

The Core Summary may be copied using the button in the top right hand corner. Use it to add colour to reports, emphasize significant developments and to record market positioning at the time of an investment decision. 

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