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UBS To Act As A Spot FX Intermediary For Eligible Counterparties On Cboe FX - Eligible Small And Mid-Size Financial Institutions Can Access More Cboe FX Liquidity

Cboe FX Markets, a Cboe Global Markets, Inc. (Cboe: CBOE) company and a leading platform for institutional foreign exchange (FX) trading globally, today announced that UBS has agreed to act as a Central Credit Intermediary for eligible counterparties on Cboe FX who might have limited bilateral credit relationships, enabling them to access a wider pool of liquidity.

Small and mid-sized banks or financial institutions that might have limited bilateral credit can leverage UBS as a Spot FX Intermediary to alleviate this hurdle – settling all trades exclusively with UBS. Eligible counterparties can gain exposure to a greater number of Cboe FX participants despite the absence of direct credit relationships, aided by the UBS arrangement.

“We know that establishing bilateral credit relationships can be a challenging process for many smaller and regional financial institutions and we wanted to find a way to help reduce this friction in the market,” said Bryan Harkins, Cboe’s Co-Head of Markets. “We’re pleased to work with UBS to create a new solution that enables eligible counterparties on Cboe FX to access the bilateral credit lines established by UBS, up to the limit that UBS sets for them, helping to create deeper, more liquid markets.”

For additional information on the UBS Spot FX Intermediary arrangement, please contact the Cboe FX Sales team at

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