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TIM Export Index Comes Into The Market With An Opening-Bell Ceremony At Borsa İstanbul

In partnership of Borsa İstanbul and Turkish Exporters’ Assembly, Borsa İstanbul’s bell rang for TIM Export Index which was launched on September 14, 2018 with a ticker of #TIMEX. The index consists of 55 companies which show the best performances out of all export companies in Turkish industry and also be traded in BIST Stars or BIST Main on Borsa İstanbul. These companies are also on the “TIM Top 1000” list announced by TIM annually. Moreover, to be included in the index, the average free float market cap of the last three months should be higher than 50 million TL. The relative weight of each constituent is capped at 10%.

TIM Export Index covers important topics such as sustainability and institutionalism. To be able to export at the level of companies in TIM Export Index and to take part in the global production process need to have some requirements. The organizational structure and production processes of such companies must be at world standards. During this process, Institutional buyers would be willing to invest in exporter companies’ IPOs as the growth of using TIM Export Index and potential similiar theme indices for products of portfolio management companies.



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